About Me

I’m Darshan Pandya. 😁
An MBA Graduate with a background in Business & Commerce with a strong interest in technology, writing code & programming.

I'm a Self Taught Developer, AI Art Enthusiast, a Google Certified Developer.
I have created, published Android, iOS and Flutter apps. I also try pen-testing, hacking on sites, apps.
I could be defined as a blend of both Management and Technical stream. 😉

Things & Stuff I Do...

Mobile Apps

Building multi-platform Mobile Apps with Kotlin, Flutter, Swift, etc. using the latest standards & recommended architecture.

Google Certified Android Developer

Yupp, I'm a Google Certified Associate Android Developer meaning I know my stuff in Android 😉.

WordPress, Front & Back-End

Since I've used WordPress & Flutter for internal as well as portfolio projects, I do know a thing or two about them.

Entrepreneur, Ad-Tech Consultant

I've published multiple Apps & so I know quite a few things about Play Policy compliance, AdMob, Firebase & a few other Ad Networks.