AdMob Disabled Ads & No Appeal Form!

I guess you have read the Title, so let’s get started!

A few months ago, I received a Mail from the Admob department stating that they had ‘Disabled Ads Serving’ to my App ‘Status Saver’!

The Reason – “We do not allow showing Ads on Content which has low or to no/null value, Hence we have Disabled Ads Serving to your App Status Saver”

Okay, So now I was Confused like what I had done wrong!?
A quick search on Google showed that I was first one to get this kinda Reason…
So I actually started analysis of what I had done in last few days that might have caused this….

This was my Ananlysis –
1) I was trying to include the ‘In App Purchase’ in my App to add a Feature ‘Remove Ads’ & for that purpose I uploaded a “Hello World” App to Beta on Store with Billing Permission added so that I can test IAP…
Note: This App DIDN’T include ADS

2) I verified my Site (this One) in the Google Search Console…
Even this Site didn’t have Ads!
It still doesn’t 😛

These were the only two things that might have caused the Ads Disabling, most probably the 1st OR it may also be an Error from their side…

Now I had the probable reasons of what might have caused this, so I just opened up the Appeal Form Link that was given in the Mail…
And to my surprise, the link opened up the AdMob Help Center 😲
This thing took 2 days of my Life & probably 40$ from my AdMob earnings because of Diasbled Ads!

Then like every frustrated guy I’ve seen on AdMob forums, wrote a post on a form but No HelpFull response!
Finally, I contacted the Google Play Developer Team!
Yes!, I contacted them via the PlayConsoleApp’s Chat Option. At first, they weren’t even interested because it was a different department…
After many requests, they tried to help me but the ‘Appeal Form’ was never found! So they said that they would inform the appropriate department about my problem…

Then I went to Twitter, tweeted to @GooglePlayDev (@Admob didn’t seem Active), hopefully @GooglePlayDev replied with “hey guyz at @AdMob, can you help @itznotabug?”
That gave me a small hope!

The next day I again checked the Link & Wooosshhh!!!
The Link actually opened up the ‘Appeal Form!’ 🎉🎊🎉🎊
What Next? Filled Up the Form & Shot the Submit button!
After few hours, I received a Mail from AdMob department which said that they had accepted my Appeal & Ads will be Active in few hours!

I really Thank the members of the GooglePlayDev & the Support Members who literally tolerated me even when it wasn’t their department 😊

The Support Members who were extremely helpfull & tolerated me were –
Sansa T.
& Yogi Ji 😊

In the End, I would say that if this happens to you then Don’t Panic…
What I have discovered is that it takes time for AdMob to know that your App’s Ad is disabled & thats why the Appeal Link isn’t available at first…
In Fact, AFAIK the Appeal Link isn’t publicly available!
Just contact the appropriate team & Wait! 😊

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