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Security Review (Programming Hub)

Recently while scrolling through LinkedIn feed, I see that one of my batchmate started his Summer Internship at ProgrammingHub 🥳. The name ‘Programming Hub’ caught my attention, and as I am also a Developer who happens to know some programming languages, I decided to check what was it about.

First iOS App 🥳

So, its been 2 weeks since I started to learn Swift and XCode in depth.. I did know the basics of Swift, all those same familiar syntax.. So, to gain more in depth knowledge of Swift programming, I decided to port an Android App of mine to iOS.. The app was just a side project, […]

Security Review (ExpertRight)

Sometime ago, scrolling through the Chrome newsfeed, I came across a story by ‘YourStory’ about ExpertRight. YourStory had covered ExpertRight and gave info. about this startup from Rajasthan, India. Basically, ExpertRight is a platform to hire Freelancers for a short time period work.. This seemed interesting, though nothing very new so I checked out their […]


Recently, while migrating one of my App ‘InSaver!’ from Java to Kotlin, I stumbled upon a strange, like very strange issue.. 😕 I had a SettingsActivity and a SettingsFragment nested in the same Activity which extended PreferenceFragmentCompat.

Why you should Notify a user to Update App?

If you observed, I used the word ‘Notify’ because you should Never force your User to Update the App unless it’s too important! For example: If your App is server sided & you currently changed some API stuffs or the updated version fixes a critical security issue then only you should force a user to […]