BunnyCDN with Hostinger

I recently had a requirement to use a CDN & found BunnyCDN to be the Best in regards to Performance, Price, etc.

That worked when I used it on my VPS Server but it couldn’t connect to my other server which was hosted on “Hostinger”.

I was using their “Cloud Global” plan because it had ‘Unlimited Bandwidth’ 🤭

every-time I’d try to connect to the CDN for a resource, it would throw a Error 502 (Unable to connect to Origin).

I tried a few other things but to no avail.
So I finally contacted the folks at Hostinger (their support is just 🔥)

They told me that they do not support BunnyCDN because it is a smaller CDN service compared to others (Hostinger uses Cloudflare & is their Partner too… so 😗) & said that their (BunnyCDN’s) IPs are frequently greylisted! 😮

Now the interesting thing is:
it is a CDN & therefore it has to send multiple requests to origin from multiple data centres (POPs) to get the resource if not cached already & because of that Hostinger’s Eng. Team flagged these IPs & therefore I couldn’t use BunnyCDN! ☹️

I was told to either use Cloudflare, some other CDN or buy a VPS Server… 😏

But I did manage to find a workaround! 🥳
So here it is:

• Go to your Dashboard (hPanel)
• Go to Domains > Cloudflare
• Enable Cloudflare
• Make SSL changes (if needed)
Set the Security to OFF
• Hit SAVE.

For faster DNS propogation, follow below steps –
• Go to Advanced Tab
• Select DNS Zone Editor
• Set TTL for Cloudflare DNS to 60
• Hit SAVE.

Now add your Site / Origin to your BunnyCDN’s Pull Zone & it should work just fine… 😁🙌

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  • Rajat

    I am having the same issue, but I do not see any cloudflare option in domain settings. Do you mean I should use cloudflare dns and then try the bunnycdn?

    • Darshan

      The option has been removed now. You need to make changes from Cloudflare directly.

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