NodeJs on Shared Hosting (Part 1)

If you read my previous blog post, you know I’ve been experimenting with CDNs & VPS Servers.
This time, I wanted to use NodeJs on the Hostinger’s hosting.

Yeah, the same Cloud Global Plan 😗,
but as all the support exec. guys say, you cannot normally use NodeJs on a server that does not give you root access.

So here’s a complete info. about how I installed NodeJs on the Cloud Global plan which is not a VPS Server.

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Security Review (Programming Hub)

Recently while scrolling through LinkedIn feed,
I see that one of my batchmate started his Summer Internship at ProgrammingHub 🥳.

The name ‘Programming Hub’ caught my attention,
and as I am also a Developer who happens to know some programming languages,
I decided to check what was it about.
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