Link New Apps on AdMob instantly

So you created an App, monetised it with AdMob & now its Live! 🤩🔥
But then you go to AdMob to link your App but Uhh-Ohh! 🙁

You see that AdMob cannot find your app on the Store &
says that you better wait a “few days” so that it becomes discoverable.
But you might even lose revenue while waiting for AdMob to discover your App.

So how do we tackle this?
Well, the process is very simple but gives me a sceptical thought about the methods
used by Google for discovering your App on “different platforms”.
Using a simple trick that I’ll show here, you’ll instantly make AdMob discover your App.

Go to “Google Ads”, Sign-In / Sign-Up.
2. Create a new campaign, don’t worry – we are not gonna spend a single penny.
3. Select App Promotion, select relevant option for OS type (Android, iOS)
4. Paste your app’s store link in the “Look up your app” section, this may take a minute.
5. As soon as you see your app in the search result, Select It then just go down & Click on “Cancel”.

Now, your app is properly discovered / indexed by Google (Ads & AdMob, both).
Move to AdMob Dashboard & simply try to link the App you want by pasting the app-store link.
& Voila, there you have your App! 🎉🤩

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