DarShan Pandya

Scam for Android Developers!

Few Days after I published my App ‘Status Saver’ & it got a lil bit attention on the Google PlayStore, I received a mail from a Company / Organization named as “FMFG” claiming that I had used a Feature (Push Notification) in my App whose Patent was registered by their client…

Wow! (like Seriously?) 😑
That guy even demanded a ‘Fee’ & that was somewhat Suspicious!
Below is the Mail Content…

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Code Apps on Mobile!


Yepp, that's Right!
You can Code your own Android Apps even if you don't have a PC 😀

You can't only Code, you can Learn some Basics & then Advanced lessons too! 😀

This is possible because of AIDE Android App 🙂

Does it Work?
- Yupp!, I don't have a PC & I made all of my Apps from AIDE 🙂
You can check them in the Apps & Projects Section 🙂

AIDE is as Same as the 'Android Studio' on PC...
You can also use 3rd Party Libraries & Support Libraries in your App Projects to Add extra rich features & capabilities with Material Design 🙂
AIDE also supports Gradle 😀

Start Learning & Coding Now!