Runtime Permission Fail (Vungle SDK)

Quickly created an Account on Vungle, added Mediation on AdMob dashboard & integrated “AdMob’s Vungle Adapter” dependencies in my App’s build.gradle, sync & run!

Everything should have had gone right but I wasn’t able to use Runtime Permission on Android 6+.
All my code was right but still the Storage Permission Request kept throwing permission denied!

Checked the manifest & it was right too, then what might have had gone wrong!?

I clicked on the ‘Merged Manifest’ and damn!
I see that the Storage Permission has a ‘maxSdkVersion’ flag set to 18!

Like Whatt!!???
& Guess who added that flag!?
– Vungle! 🤦‍♂️

If you are facing this, just add below & it should fix the issue…

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