Security Review (UpGrad)

So, I recently installed the ‘upGrad’ iOS App & navigated through searching for some good courses, etc.

there weren’t too many courses but the existing ones had good quality & were from Universities over the world.

I wouldn’t compare UpGrad with either Udemy or Coursera.

Okay back to the topic,
The course / certification named “Entrepreneurship Program Certification” caught the eye, not exactly the name but its price was what which caught my attention..
₹94.5K. (Yeah, I know… ₹94,500 is no joke! 😬)

So I checked it out and on to the payment screen, I see that the payment was done through Apple Store’s built in payment gateway.
(Yeah I know, its mandatory to use that, blah blah 😗😗)

Bypassing that payment requires no Einstein’s brain.
However, majority of Apps these days do a cross verification over their servers, etc.
But UpGrad haven’t implemented that.. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

1. Well they lost their 95K.
2. I got the course for Free.
3. The hack done from the app navigated to the Website, so even the Website showed payment successfull. 🤭

But here’s the thing,
they later contacted me stating that the program isn’t available upfront but rather more like a additional course (free) over a Marketing or a Product Management certification which goes around ₹150K+.

So the amount paid for the Entrepreneurship would be deducted from the above mentioned courses.
Therefore: 👇

I was getting a ₹150K course for ₹82.6K
The course I tried out was Product Management Certification Program with Duke CE.

Here’s the program stats:

While I have contacted them about this, and they confirmed that they will be fixing the bug 🙌

You’ll know that this same kind of stuff happened with ProgrammingHub if you read the blog post.
If you haven’t read it, here it is: Security Review (ProgrammingHub)

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